Travis Lerol for MD State House

The state of Maryland has had high rates of state taxes, even compared to its neighbors. It has a 6% sales tax, while VA has 5.3, NC has 4.75, and Delaware has none. In addition, income tax rates are high, with eight tax brackets...escalating so quickly that someone making a mere $4000 a year has already gone through half of them. The state is running a $2.5 billion surplus, which it says it will "save for a rainy day." I believe that the economic upset of the pandemic certainly ought to qualify, and we should begin lowering taxes now.

The efforts to fight Covid-19 have resulted in a great many policy changes and restrictions. We need to return to normal, and the intensely partisan attitudes surrounding mitigation efforts are causing us to fight one another, rather than the disease.

There has been a bipartisan effort to raid the transportation fund for other projects. As a result, traffic has increased, and not only has insufficient provision been made to prepare for population growth, MD is running a $2 billion dollar deficit merely to maintain the roads we have. If left unfixed, traffic will only worsen. Specific Policy Proposals: *Longer on/off ramps for smoother merging. *Increased speed limits where existing traffic flow is already above the posted limit and it is safe to do so. Road work may be necessary to do this in a safe fashion.

Several areas of Maryland have experienced rates of crime that are extremely high relative to the rest of the country. Baltimore in particular has had an unsolved crime epidemic for decades, with fewer than 3% of property crimes being solved. Instead of addressing this, recent bills criminalized children letting go of balloons. Our law enforcement needs to prioritize victimizing crimes.
  • Decriminalize all victimless crimes. If a corporation is permitted to sell marijunna commercially, a gardener should not go to jail for growing the wrong plant.

    Many firearm restrictions have been passed in past years, and none have meaningfully affected rates of violence, or otherwise helped the state of Maryland in any way. The 2A is quite clear:all gun control legislation is illegitmate, and should be repealed.

    Maryland has some of the best and worst schools in the country, and spends more on the latter than the former. School choice should be expanded, allowing more parents to send their children to the school that is right for them.

    Term Limits: Maryland currently has no term limits for either house or senate. This has resulted in a mostly-unchanging legislature that does not represent the people as they are today. Fifteen states already have either an 8 or 12 year limit, we should as well. Is there an issue you'd like to see addressed that hasn't been? Please, let us know!